Steve LeClaire

"have sax, will travel..."

This CD is a long time coming for me. I've been playing for years, but never considered myself much of a song writer. I've always been a side man in any band, playing other people's tunes. But, as recording technology becomes more available to musicians in general, I thought "Why not?".

Let me share with you the 'Making of Sorry'! Go ahead and click on any image to see it larger.

John and Riley Pierce
Drummer John Riley arrives at The Machine Shop and confers with engineer Brad Pierce in the control room. John sets up the drums in Studio A and adjusts the hardware. Brad is a great engineer, always low key and professional. Here he adjusts one of the overhead mikes on the drums.
John warms up and listens for a good headphone mix. The drums are my daughter Lauren's Yamaha Club Pro kit, and they sounded great! John's wife Patty congratulates him after a great take! John and I after John's tracks were done. I think John approved!
A few weeks later bassist Dave Hull and guitarist Cliff Goodwin came in to lay down their parts. Here, Cliff adjusts the headphone mix while David apparently adjusts his wardrobe. Maybe he was looking for a pack of smokes? David and Cliff lock into a solid groove. Back in the control room, Cliff listens intently to the playback and makes suggestions.
Dave Hull in the control room, punching in the bass parts. You can just 'feel' the thick low notes he lays down. Deep in the pocket. David Hull and Cliff Goodwin at the end of the session. The check must have cleared.
A few weeks later still, backup vocalists Maxine Greene Sharp and Janice Singleton Hughes came in to sing. Max lives in Las Vegas and Jan lives in Houston. They have sung with everyone from Tina Turner and Ray Charles to Joe Cocker, and were in town for a show at Mohegan Sun. I was thrilled and extremely fortunate to get them! Thanks Ladies! Me with Max and Jan. They are so sweet! Bathing those golden voices with a cup of tea and honey.
Max, my lovely wife Joy, and Janice. The ladies practice a little 'doo-wop' vocal with some moves. Max, Brad and Janice.
Brad really loves the B3 in my studio. I mean, he REALLY loves it... Maxine Greene Sharp, my daughter Lauren LeClaire, and Janice Singleton Hughes backstage at Mohegan Sun Casino. Lauren sings on the CD, but I don't have any pictures of her in the studio. Bummer!